My art journey began aged 8 years, when my mother bought me a "Brodie Mack Drawing Course" that included a drawing board, pencils and art paper and a little book of caricatures of Stalin, Winston Churchill and the Prime Minister of Japan during World War 2 – Hideki Tojo – I thought his face was the funniest one and learnt how to draw him quite well.

From that time on I drew every spare moment, learning as I copied other artist's drawings, and the beautiful illustrations of the stories featured in the Women's Weekly in those years. I also particularly loved to copy the fashion illustrations as well and used to borrow "How to Draw" books from my school library. You can read more of my Bio here.

On this Page

On this page I have attempted to take you through a little history overview of my work.  There are also photos of early paintings and a couple of the little catalyst drawings referred to in my story plus some newspaper clippings of quite some time ago at a couple of important stages in my life.   I have also added some paintings from a very personal series – "My Father is the Gardener". If you have any questions please email me.


1. Regression 
A simple little drawing I did when I considered the word that Ross had given me. The writing that appears around it came after further reflection on what had transpired in my paintings as a result of developing the idea. I felt that there was a celebration of life I was showing and I further developed this idea when painting the hill behind my home and the iconic much larger mountain paintings. The childish humour shown by the wet, sloppy icing unable to hold the candles in place I just wanted to retain and did so in the subsequent paintings by adding items like the aeroplane with kite strings trailing behind it and other little childlike drawings and scribbles with watercolour pencils.

2, Fruit Trees Grow on the Mountain of the Lord. 
Two other little simple catalyst drawings.....a Rainbow – symbolic of New Beginnings and New Hope. My personal life at that time was a bit insecure and I was looking for that Hope. The Fruit Trees of course refer to Growth and Provision and they are growing in the good soil that the Mountain provides. I had been influenced also by a trip to the Sunshine Coast and the absolutely mind-blowing spectacle of Mt. Tibrogargen which still makes me feel in awe about its shape and presence in the landscape. My larger paintings at that time while I was at College all stemmed from those little drawings and my remembrance of Tibrogargen.

3. Westerly Wind Change.
This painting of my little home right in the middle of the close embrace of the Hill behind my home at Speers Point was the first one I began from the child-like drawings. We had been experiencing very strong winds from the west at that time and I wanted to show that despite all the fury around us the Hill would stand secure and protect us...We lived only a few streets from Lake Macquarie and I portrayed the streets below us as almost tossed around – TV Antennas shaking – much movement going on – and overhead a spiritual type of friction going on.....Who would win the battle?


4. The Swimmer.
This painting was a result of the pain and yet the form of release I felt at the death of my Father. I seemed to be swimming in a deep river, not able to see where I was going, but determined to survive somehow. I felt the emotion as I painted this work (actually over the top of a previous attempt to show his death) This is a survival painting.


5. Signs from a Dream

Using purely Abstract Expressionism methods I painted this work in less than an hour after a very strong dream I had about End Times...I had been reading a lot of books regarding this subject and the dream I had was about looking for my sister who I felt would perish if I didn't find her and warn her. The bright Orange Glow in the sky as a contrast to the darkness of the closing in situation are the only ways I could show my emotional state at the time of painting it....I felt I was almost doing it with my eyes shut.