What goes on in your heart when you paint?

Depending on whether you are only a "beginner" or an accomplished (professional) or hobby artist, you will probably react differently to this question.   But, either way, your heart – which involves  your mind, your will and your emotions – will dictate to you how you view your own work in each of these areas:

Who am I painting for?

Why am I painting?

What would happen if I stopped painting?

A beginner may decide that the first question is easy – "myself"….I always wanted to….no time till now…enjoyed art at school, I can do "that" (after seeing some current "decorator art")…..or….my family think I'm great.

Someone more experienced will probably say "themselves" also, but for different reasons
Expressing oneself would usually answer No 2 question for both groups.   An urge to create…a response to beauty, or people and/or the circumstances of life.

No 3 - What would happen if I stopped painting,  is an important issue of the heart and will usually reveal an artistic soul.   For if you answer that it wouldn't really matter …that you'd just take up another hobby, like belly dancing or model plane building, it probably means your heart is not really affected.   But…don't worry…just enjoy yourself and you may do very well anyway and stick with it.

Most of us who are dedicated artists found our heart almost stopped when considering that question and just cannot imagine a life without the challenge of a fresh canvas in front of us and an overwhelming urge to break into that pristine white surface.   For us – we were born to create…we dream about painting and we almost find the paint and its luscious range of colours – edible.  During the middle of the night you may find some of us woken with the desire to make a note about some painting we are working on…or dare I say it sneaking out and actually working on one, finishing off something we just haven't been able to get sorted during the day.   Or alternatively sometimes we are so afraid of the studio and those creations we are working on that we procrastinate for half the day before we front up to the easel.

We are emotional people, whether we are demonstrative and out there, or introspectively private.  Painting  IS NOT Life   but it's a major factor of it.   We have room and time and love for others, and we are caring…..and our art is enriched by this.   A contented happy person can create as much as a troubled soul who pours out his anguish in his work.   The pivotal factor is that the talent given demands to be both fed AND poured out.

We can in no way ignore our heart, for if we do, all our work would be flat and have no meaning to us, or indeed anyone viewing it, or even perhaps wanting to own it for themselves.  Art that has come from the heart will speak to the heart of others….and this is what I know I particularly want to aim for.