"PINK"…..!!!........I can't see PINK in there!!

This was a statement made a few years ago by one of my students…..in fact, a number of them said similar things – only the colour might be a different one. I think they thought I was mad at the time, and someone even wrote a poem to me about it! Sadly, some never quite got what I was trying to teach them.
Perception is a learned thing. We scan this world through eyes that have to move quickly to take so many things in at the same time…then move on to the next important object. It's a busy life and time is disappearing quickly. We don't stop to analyse the green of the grass, or the blue of the sky. Tree trunks are brown – maybe they are dark or light, but definitely haven't got PURPLE in them….have they?? Skin is flesh coloured (yes – they've got a tube of that colour) or brown or black etc., but couldn't have BLUE in it…..surely??
After a while, my students began to tell me that they were "seeing" things differently. They were taking the time to really look and it had become a sight-seeing adventure. Reflected light of a red jumper on someone's face was at last becoming visible…a shadow of blue on the nose of a person from a vase beside them was evident. The world had changed from single colours to a multitude (or had it always been like that??)
We cannot see the strength of all the pure and dazzling colours of this Creation that we know. The light is so intense and we would be almost blinded if our eyes could actually see all there is. A cockerel's feathers are said to be so brilliant that our eyes only see them as shiny black, but they have been said to be an intense and exotic blue/black. Oh the eyes to see such magnificent works in the trueness of their being.
We can only open our eyes and really search for the colours that are there – vibrant pinks – brilliant blues – deep sea greens – gorgeous sunny yellows and oranges to name a few, and they are just waiting for us to reveal them to others in and through our creative art works.